What is the WACPAC?

WACPAC is a Political Action Committee comprised of, and supported by, recreational fishermen and other conservation-minded individuals to provide political support and campaign contributions to worthy candidates for state legislative and state-wide political office in Washington State.

WACPAC’s mission is to support candidates who share our passion to conserve and restore key marine and freshwater fish and wildlife populations, including wild Salmon & Steelhead runs, sturgeon, bottom fish, crab and other shellfish while promoting policies to make Washington a world class place for recreational fishing!

Why Should I Support WACPAC?

Because government goes to those who show up!  1.36 million recreational fishing licenses and endorsements are sold in Washington annually and over 700,000 residents fish 8.5 million days annually.  If organized politically, recreational anglers could have an enormous influence in Olympia.

Unfortunately, we’ve largely lacked the ability to influence campaigns and elections for legislative seats and state-wide political office.  These elected officials ultimately help decide how our fish and wildlife resources are managed and conserved.

Recreational anglers care about the health of our fish and wildlife and tend to vote for candidates who share these values, but most currently lack information about the past votes and positions of political candidates.   Moreover, many worthy candidates and elected officials are champions for our issues, but are unable to count on the political support, campaign contributions and endorsements needed to win elections today.

Special interests with very different agendas for our state’s resources have played the political game to their advantage for years.  WACPAC was created to help level the playing field and provide political support for needed policy changes.

How Can You Help!

Donate Today! Through your contribution, we are able to pool our resources and organize recreational anglers and other conservation-minded citizens to support the best qualified, pro-recreational angler and fisheries conservation candidates for state office. Please donate today.

Tell your Friends!  If we are going to organize hundreds of thousands of anglers who care about the health of our fisheries we must let others know about WAC PAC.

Donate by PayPal

You can donate through our PayPal Account by clicking the link and donate.

Donate by Mail

You can download the donation form and mail the form with donation to

P.O. Box 14160
Olympia, WA   98511 ping pong paddles

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