2012 Legislative Session

News From Olympia!!


The legislature kicked off the 2012 Legislative Session last Monday…..This is the 60 day session.  A number of bills were introduced proposing changes to the Discover Pass.  The one that seems to have the most support at this time is SB 5977.  This is the version that addresses the transferability issue and would allow you to use one pass for multiple cars.   That bill passed out of Senate Natural Resources and is now in Senate Ways and Means.  A public hearing on that bill is scheduled in Ways and Means this week.


Another bill of interest that was introduced this week would seek to prohibit the use of lead in the aquatic environment.  This bill, HB 2241 would create havoc for fisherman that use the smaller size lead weights. The bill would prohibit the sale of one ounce or one inch or less sinkers and lead weighted fish hooks of one ounce or one inch or less effective Jan 1, 2014.  A hearing has been scheduled on this bill for Wednesday in the House Environment Committee.  You might want to check this one out!!!


No activity on the budget front as of yet…We are still keeping an eye out for any further attempts to raid the “Wildlife Account”.   You will recall, the Governor’s 2012 Supplemental Budget proposes to shift $1.5 out of the “Wildlife Account” and uses it to backfill some hatcheries that primarily benefit commercial fisherman.  That is not cool Governor and we will fight that one to the bitter end!


Finally, as you budget for 2012, please be sure to remember WACPAC.  The primary and general elections will be here before you know it.  This will be the first real opportunity for recreational anglers to get involved.  We have big plans for this year. You can be a part of it by sending your contribution to WACPAC!!


Happy New Year!!!  Rob



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