Hearing on SB 5844 – Wed. Feb 18, 2015! Show your support for recreational fishing!!

Attention all Anglers,

Senator Rivers Recreational Fishing Priority Bill, SB 5844 (Companion to HB 1660 by Representative Liz Pike) has been scheduled for a PublIc Hearing next Wednesday, Feb 18th at 1:30 in the Senate Natural Resources Committee. This is an excellent opportunity to rally all recreational anglers and sports fishing businesses to come to Olympia and voice their support for this important issue. The hearing will be in the John A Cherberg Building in Hearing Room 3. Those wishing to sign in PRO must do so electronically on site. Showing up 30-60 minutes early will make it easier for those wishing to sign in.

Since Representative Blake has told everyone he will not hear HB 1660, it is important that we make this Senate hearing count!

It’s OK to let Rep. Blake know your thoughts about him not holding a hearing on the House companion bill, HB 1660. brian.blake@leg.wa.gov

Also, on the agenda that day is Senator Chase’s bill, SB 5818, concerning the composition of the Fish and Wildlife Commission. That is code for adding more Commercial Fishing Supporters! We need to sign in CON, or Opposed, on that bill.

Let’s get a BIG turnout for Wednesday and show Senator Rivers and Representative Pike our support and appreciation for prime sponsoring these bills!

This is a first time ever opportunity for Recreational fishermen to turn out and support a group of bi-partisan senators and representatives who want to recognize the value of sport fishing in Washington. WE HAVE TO SHOW THEM OUR SUPPORT.

We need to pack the meeting room and the hall outside!

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