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Special Legislative Session

Legislators from around the State are converging on Olympia today for the start of yet another special session.  The Governor called this Special Session to have the legislature fill a budget hole in the neighborhood of $2 billion dollars.  She is hoping to resolve this problem through … Continue reading

Take Action with Congress Today

I just took a few minutes to let congress know that I support HR 2834, the Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage and Opportunities Act.  This is very important in order to expand the access to outdoor recreational opportunities such as … Continue reading

Issues on the Radar

Discover Pass Changes Proposed,    Rumor has it there are a large number of bills that are going to be introduced next legislative session to address some issues with the Discover Pass.  One of the biggest issues that most everyone seems to agree on is … Continue reading

First Blog

The Missing Piece Traditionally, recreational anglers in the State of Washington have been given the leftovers when it comes to managing our fisheries. Recently however, through the efforts of groups like CCA, and PSA, as well as others, the conversation … Continue reading