Derelict Gear Bill Passes Legislature!

ESB 5661 (Derelict Gear) is on it’s way to the Governor’s Desk.  The bill cleared it’s last legislative hurdle this past Saturday, when the Senate concurred in the House amendment to the Bill.  The House amendment directs WDFW to work with the tribes to identify lost ghost net locations.  There has been a lot of work that went into passing this bill.  The seed was first planted on this issue back in 2009 when Bear Holmes and Rob Tobeck were involved in the Puget Sound Rock Fish Conservation Plan.  From there, with the help of Senator Nelson and Representative Fitzgibbon we were able to introduce legislation in the 2011 session.  We came so close to getting this bill out of the Senate last year, but just ran out of time.  This year, after a great deal of work during the interim, we were able to line up the necessary support with key legislators and other stakeholder groups for our lobbyist to make a full court press.  Thanks to the help of Senator Ranker and the thousands of emails from CCA and PSA members, we were finally able to push this issue over the top.  WACPAC plans to be at the bill signing….Unless we are Springer Fishing!!!


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