New Discover Pass Bill to Fix Transferability Issue

Expect to see a new Discover Pass bill introduced in the next couple of days.  Many legislators and agency personnel have agreed that there is way too much heart burn over the “transferability” issue.   Most everyone who enjoys the outdoors has expressed their frustration with having to purchase multiple passes for their vehicles.  Under the new bill, a Discover Pass will cover two vehicles.  Both plate numbers will need to be identified on the lines provided on the pass.  This is a much appreciated change.  Families should never have been gouged the way they were on this pass.  Some families with multiple cars, a 4×4 and other recreational vehicles were paying as much as $60.00, $90.00 or $120.00 in Discover Pass charges.  That is ridiculous!  Several of the groups representing recreational anglers such as CCA and PSA have been advocating for this change and will be lobbying this bill over the course of the special session.  Don’t hesitate to contact your legislator to let them know that you support this change!!!   This will also provide you with some additional $$$ to support the Washington Angler Conservation PAC so we can continue to influence the process. 


They are starting to listen to us.  Let’s not let up on the gas pedal!!



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